Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A Tribute To Strong Women

I am often told I am a strong woman..............

I think there are many definitions for strength and what makes or gives us strength. Loosing a child is defiantly not a walk in the park nor are so many tragedies people face each and everyday around the World. We all have a chose to get up or let it take us down. I will ALWAYS get up for Alesia and my husband and children. There is nothing that will keep us going like LOVE. it is what gives me strength. The love I receive from my husband and children and the love I give them is truly the ONLY thing that matters. Teaching our children about love will give them strength one day.

I have been blessed to have so many strong women surround me and teach me about health, love, perseverance and so much more. Today before the New Year I wanted to post a tribute to them. Just a little note that there are so many more strong women around me, I wish I could post about ALL of you.

Hivron Turanli Macchi, you have taught me more then words can possibly say. I have watched you and been part of your giving heart to the point where you had nothing left to give. I have watched you care for everyone around you. I have watched you care for yourself. I have learned that it is OK to care for myself because of you. I have learned to never take for granted a best friendship. I have learned to LOVE in so many different ways. You are a gem, inside and out and part of my strength is because of you.

Oana Silaghi, you are the calm in all the crazy. You are positivity, hope, life. You heal me and you teach me. You taught me how take care of my body and mind. Food is thy medicine and you are the one to get me started on real, good food. Without your teachings  I would not be complete.

Lisa Dimitrakopoulos, you are one of my longest and bestest friends, my koumbara, and family. You make me realize everyday that no matter how sad, how hard or how frustrating it is to have lost my baby, I still have so much to be grateful for. You make me so proud as I am sure you do your family with your perseverance,determination, and will. You have also helped me on my journey to health. I will forever be indebted to you.

Areti Koutsouflakis, you are the sole reason I started working out and loving it. Since then so much has changed in the way I look but mostly how I think and feel. You have given me so many more reasons to be strong inside and out. You are a ray of sunshine in my life and I am so fortunate to have you as my partner. You show me how to keep going.

I appreciate and thank you incredibly loving, sweet, positive, giving, and of course STRONG ladies from the bottom of my heart. I am no where near perfect and there will always be things to work on, but you have all given me the tools to fix anything.

The happiest New Year to everyone. Please cherish every moment, hug and tell the ones you love, how much you love them, EVERYDAY. Appreciate the little things and the beauty that surrounds us. Never take life or the good things for granted. Be STRONG and LOVE.

See you in 2015!!!

Friday, September 26, 2014

New Start

        It has been years since I wrote my last Blog post. Sometimes life can change in a day, thus in a couple years we can all imagine the changes. I want to start by telling you why it has been years since my last post. Life does take over and we are all busy in this day, however if I stem deep, its probably just because I did not have the need, or that I just needed a break to be with the family I have. In some ways that also describes why I am writing a post now, there's a need in me and with all the time that has passed, we have made new friends who I would love to share these posts with as well. My primary goal writing the Alesia's Magnolias Blog was for my present children to learn about the sister they lost, to give a voice for child bereavement and to help me grieve. I believe most of those goals are met. Now on to our lives in 2014!!!!

          We have gone through many changes as we have a new addition to the family, our precious son Gaby. He is now 2 years of age and he is just pure joy. My husband Bill is now a Laval City Counselor a job he takes great pride in and loves. Our daughter Maro has grown up to be very empathetic and a true Alesia's Magnolias advocate. our dear Katerina is now in her last year of daycare and has an abundance of spunk. I am in the process of volunteering for the Montreal Children's hospital, on my younger children's daycare parent committee as well as The Home and School Association at Maro's school. I am trying to be there for my family as much as possible. Obviously not to forget we as a family and with the help of all of you run Alesia's Magnolias for The Alesia Fund.

        It has been over 4 years since we lost our beloved Alesia. There still has not been a day without her in our thoughts. I speak to her all the time, poor kid must be screaming,''Enough Ma''. I miss her oh so much!!! I wish so much to see how beautiful she would have been now at 6! To say time heals is somewhat true as, I don't cry everyday, I live! However I'm drenched in tears now, and do so out of random times of grief taking over. Yes we still grieve and I think we will forever.

       If I can say something to Alesia, it would be , "Thank You". You are the reason we have so much purpose in life and we want to help others and make a healthy life for ourselves. Without Alesia's passing my son would not be here and everyday that I think that I cringe, how can a parent choose between their children, just can't. 

      My husband and I after all that has happened feel truly blessed and lucky to have the family we do, to still be deeply in love with each other and that the family we have is HEALTHY! That is success!!

This will defiantly not be the last post for another couple years, more is yet to come!!