Monday, November 22, 2010

Alesia's Magnolias

Yesterday was Cupcake Camp Montreal 2010, it went extremely well. They raised over $30000. On the weekend my nieces and Maro baked and decorated Oreo cupcakes. We also made 200 cupcakes in total for the event as well as sponsoring. There were thousands of people and we had a great time. Now its time to kick things in gear for Alesias Magnolias our fundraising event May 15, 2011 in honor of Alesia.

As time progresses more people want information on what this event will be about and how they can help and I am hoping to answer most of your questions today. Alesias Magnolias will be an indoor kids fair to raise money for the Montreal Children's Hospital, Cardiology department. This event will be held annually in hopes of one day raising enough money to have a floor at the hospital named after Alesia. Our daughter was our life and because she died we want to have something positive come out of this tragedy. We are forced to live without her and is it pains us each day we have to continue for our other children. By having this fundraiser we are giving to a great cause that we hope will save other children's lives so that no other parent has to go through our pain and no other sibling has to ask for their sibling everyday. At the same time it gives us a day once a year where we can cherish Alesias life and everything she gave us. Because she is not here does not mean she was not here at all, she will never be forgotten.

Alesias Magnolias will have various shows throughout the day like a fashion show. There will also be many different stations for the children to play like an arts and crafts corner, face painting, yoga, cupcake decorating, planting, video game corner, inflatables, etc. There will be food and drinks, snacks like popcorn. We will have a raffle and silent auction. We hope to have thousands of people attending. For a small donation there will be a big reward. Also each guest will have a goodie bag of free things to bring home.

As for what we need, we truly appreciate all the help that you can offer. This event will not be possible without, sponsors, and volunteers. We need volunteers the day of the event to keep eyes on all the precious children and the stations so that everything runs as smooth as possible. We also need volunteers before the event to help us find sponsors and delegate stations. The volunteers for before the event are essential, they are the ones that can help take charge of a station of their chose and tell me who we can send sponsorship packages to and how many volunteers we would need for their particular station also they are the ones that can set up the station. We will have meetings to discuss progress and I will always be there to help.

As for sponsors we need food, drinks, each station sponsored like face paints, inflatables, PlayStation's etc. Any monetary donation is welcome, the hospital will give tax receipts. Also we need companies to sponsor the fashion show. We will have a separate raffle for kids items and one for adults. We need raffle items.

If you or anyone you know can help us please message me.
My e-mail is, just write Alesias Magnolias as subject.

On behalf of myself and my family thank you to all of you who have supported us and continue to want to help, our strength comes from you. Lets make Alesias Magnolias as great as my little angel was. I describe her as love and this event will be just that LOVE!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Cupcake Camp 2009

If you were someone who knew Alesia well the one thing you would know is that she loved food! When we heard about Cupcake Camp Montreal we knew we had to go just so we could give money to a charity and get Alesia cupcakes. I remember looking at all the cupcakes and thinking which one would my baby like. I got 2 boxes full and came home and she just shined the second he saw them. She ran to her high chair, sat down and devoured two cupcakes. I was so happy just watching her enjoy every bite. It really did not take much to make her happy, thus making us happy. Oh how life has changed. One thing is certain, cupcake camp is back this year and we did not just want to buy cupcakes, we wanted to sponsor because there is little more important then charities to us these days.

Evolution will have our own table and we will be making 200 cupcakes. We are sponsoring the event by providing cupcake carry bags with our logo and all the necessary printing for the event. We are very excited and so happy to work with the amazing cupcake camp team.

Cupcake Camp 2010 will be this Sunday 21st November from 1:00-5:00 at the Fairmont Queen Elizabeth, Downtown. They are raising money for the Kids Help Phone, and Tablees Des Chef. Please bring your children there will be all kinds of fun activities for them. Our family will be there and Maro will be entering the kids contests with her cousins. Just in case this is not enough to convince everyone to participate, the contest judges are Chuck Hughes, Nadia G, Ricardo from the Food Network and many other interesting chefs. For more information you can link to their website Thank You for wanting to help and we look forward to seeing you.