Saturday, April 2, 2011

What Helps us Cope

Loosing a child is nothing like you can ever imagine. You grieve for your grandparents, eventually your own parents and as hard as that may be, the loss of a child is far greater. I miss my baby all the time, but as a mother I feel like there is something I have to do for her even though she is not here. This for me is Alesia's Magnolias, our annual fundraiser for The Montreal Children's Hospital.

There are the days when I wake up and wonder what in the world was I thinking having a fundraiser? And so close to the time she died and how emotional we still are. Is this something I needed as an extra burden. Well first of all we are way to into it for me to back down now, and second I know things will work out at the end of it, and my baby will watch over us and be proud. I am a strong woman but I feel like my strength gets tested constantly and I can only handle so much.

At times like now my body is so weak, I am trying to balance everything at the same time like most of you have to on a daily basis. Problem with this is that I am still grieving and because of that everything else is so much harder. Yesterday the detective that took care of Alesia's case came by and dropped off all the things they had taken the day she died, like her bedding and PJ's. I held her Pyjamas in my arms and cried for a good hour. I had gotten them a size larger hoping it would last longer cause I thought they were so cute. Then Maro came home and decided to wear them, yes they were tight and short but she did not remember they were Alesias so she thought I bought her new pyjamas. My heart broke because she did not remember. I know there will be a lot she will forget about her sister but it still just kills me.

On a brighter note there are many great things I hope you would want to know about our fundraiser. Our sponsors like CKameleon, Evolution cleaners, Chateau Royal,Les Aliments Roma, Houlabaloo, George Alvanos events, McDonald's, Rogers Planete Mobile, and many others are the reason our event will take place.

May 15Th, 2011 will be a day filled with performances from La Troupe Folklorique Grecque Syrtaki. We are very pleased to announce that we will have a musical performance from Annakin Slayd. There will be magicians, clowns and puppeteers entertaining the children all day long.

We will have inflatables for our youngsters and the older children. Thanks to our many volunteers we will have eyes everywhere making sure all the children are safe.

There will be various stations for the children to choose from like face painting, cupcake decorating, arts and crafts, jewelery making, mad science, planting, and yoga.

With your entrance ticket that only costs $10 you will get all the performances, food and a gift bag when you leave. You are welcome to purchase tickets on our website or at the door. Our website accepts paypal and you can make a donation there as well if you cannot attend the day of the event or simply just to help us make this event the best it can be.

We will also have raffle tickets for sale where you will have a chance to win gift certificates to restaurants like Buona Notte, Marathons and much more. We will have beautiful jewelery pieces, gift baskets full of electronics, art work, and sculptures. For the man in your life we also have a signed Carry Price Jersey! Thank you for the donations!

Our booths like the face painting, mad science etc will be paid by Alesia Dollars. The day of the event you can purchase these dollars, which will be like monopoly money. Each dollar cost a dollar. Some stations will cost 1 Alesia dollar and some 2. We will also be selling desert items like cupcakes and popcorn.

If you would like further information on our event or you would like to sponsor please visit our website

Thank you for all the support thus far, please continue your generosity!