Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Legacy

It has been two months since our last blog post! There are so many things that can happen in that time and for us, our major goal that was attained was our fundraiser Alesia's Magnolias. We had expectations but it was everything we wanted and more. 1600 people attended and $50,000.00 was raised. We are so proud and thankful for our incredible committee, for working so hard before and during the event. Nothing in this large scale of an event can be done alone and there are truly no words to describe the gratitude I feel towards ALL our sponsors, volunteers and of course the attendees. The happiest moments I had during Alesia's Magnolias was when I saw all the children so happy, that's priceless.

I am truly inspired to do bigger, better, more. I want Alesia's Magnolias to be the event of the year where children will want to come back each year, and as they grow and one day have families I hope that we will still work hard and they will be able to bring their own children. I hope one day my daughters will be inspired to direct Alesia's Magnolias, and continue what we have started.

This years event was very much a reflection of what Alesia loved and thus was a little girl oriented but next year we plan to incorporate more boys stations, and activities for tweens. As well as adult sections, and babysitting/daycare service for parents to enjoy a coffee while children are watched and playing. We want everyone to be happy and just enjoy the day because Alesia always had a smile on her face and that's all we want to see.

As a family we are trying hard to come to terms with our loss and live each day for the children we have and life that continues. Your own child alive or dead can never be forgotten, not loved, or not worth doing everything for, and we are just finding ways that Alesia still lives on. Her legacy in just one year, bringing people together and making things happen that I could have never imagined. I miss my baby ALL the time, I want her ALL the time and I HATE that she is gone ALL the time. Our oldest drew a picture at daycare this week for the first time of her family, without Alesia. She usually draws Alesia in the sky but she was not there. It is heart breaking and amazing at the same time. Our daughter is adjusting to the fact that she is gone and this is our family now, but we are still coping and are just not there. We think of her less then we used to and as time passes it will be even less and that alone is painful.

All we have now are memories and the hope that her passing will make a difference in this World for the better by us. I want to be a better person and give more then I have before.

We truly hope you will all continue to join us on our journey of Alesia's Magnolias and if you have any ideas or suggestions on improving the event, and of course if you would like to sponsor us please visit our website

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